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If you love to sing - in the shower, in the car, belting it out singing along to your favourite CD -come along and join us. We sing pop songs old and new, songs from the shows, schmoozy ballads and swinging rock songs.

If you would like to join us, get in touch via email (, or message us on Facebook. Or use our contact form. Or just come along - we meet at 7.15 at Watcombe Primary School, Moor Lane, Torquay, TQ2 8NU.


Your first rehearsal will be free - then the subscription is £4.50 per week. We don't hold auditions in front of the chorus, but Chris - our Musical Director - may listen to you in private to get an idea of where you would best fit in the line-up. If you then join permanently it is £14.50 per month (great value!).

More about us   

We sing unaccompanied four-part harmony. So how does that work? We have four sections: the leads, who usually (but not always) take the melody, the tenors harmonising a little higher, the bass section who sing lower, and the baritones who kind of weave around filling out the sound. (The names of the sections come from the barbershop tradition, where the singing style originated). If you're not sure which section best suits your voice you will get the chance to sing with each to see which you feel most comfortable with. 


You don’t have to be an amazing singer to join us, and you don’t have to be able to read music. But you do need to be committed. Once you are a full member you will get copies of the music on OneDrive, which you can down-load to MP3. 


You have to learn your own part really well to be able to hold it when everyone around you is singing something else. It isn’t easy – but that’s part of the fun. With some songs it’s amazing how quickly we can pick it up, with others we have to go over it and over it. Chris – our Musical Director – will pin-point our mistakes and help us get it right. And then suddenly some kind of magic happens, and you’re left thinking, “Wow! Was that us?”


Of course it can be a bit scary going somewhere for the first time, walking in to a whole group of strangers on your own. But we're a fairly small group, and very friendly. As well as singing together, we have been known to socialise, sometimes going to the pub or for a coffee, and sometimes having parties at Christmas or in the summer.

We meet at 7.15 at Watcombe Primary School, Moor Lane, Torquay, TQ2 8NU


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