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Jon studied music at the Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music where he gained a teaching qualification in Musical Theatre. As a musician he has worked with Chris de Burgh (Lady in Red) and Sarah Brightman as a backing singer on their UK tours, and worked extensively with the Black Mountain Male Voice Choir of Wales, as a soloist, touring the USA and Hong Kong. 

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He has also worked with touring theatre companies, taking part in the Almeida Opera Festival, the Battersea Arts Festival and Theatre in Education Projects with Seagull Theatre of the Gorge based in Ironbridge, Shropshire. He still works semi-professionally as a tenor soloist.


He has taught in schools in North Yorkshire and Brixham, and now works as a teacher in Devon, as Raising Standards Leader of Expressive Arts. He also works with local Amateur Dramatic Societies, and has directed Oklahoma! and the Dick Barton Trilogy.


Chris (Founder and Section Lead)

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I joined Riviera Sound in 2019. A friend was a member, and I had been to watch several Christmas carol concerts at Babbacombe, and decided I would like to join. I'm quite shy, but I've found I really enjoy singing with everybody. I feel secure being in part of the group, and even feel much more confident singing in public. 

I like singing lead because it suits my vocal range. It is still a challenge to get it right, as the melody isn't always the same as you may have heard before.

I have several favourites, including Kiss From A Rose, Best Day of My Life, And So It Goes, and Fever.


I joined Riviera Sound in 2011 - I was encouraged to join by my friend Eileen. I sang in the school choir and later in the Salvation Army choir - that was a wonderful opportunity as I got to sing at the Abbey Road Studios and the Albert Hall.

The best thing about Riviera Sound is the friendships. I usually sing in the Bari section, but at the moment I am supporting the Leads as they have several new members. I prefer Bari as it is more in my vocal range, and I enjoy the challenge of learning the more complex lines.

My favourite song is And So It Goes,

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Emma (Chorus Secretary and Section Lead)

I joined Riviera Sound in 2008 (where does the time go?) I always enjoyed singing Karaoke. I'd always wanted to join a chorus, but never had the courage. Then I spotted an invitation for new members to join the chorus, and my partner urged me to join, to use my voice properly.

The best thing about Riviera Sound is the friendships. 

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I enjoy singing in the Bari section because it's a challenge to sing a different line to the melody you might hear on the radio. My favourite songs are And So It Goes and Silent Night.

Jude (Membership Secretary)

I’m a teacher and mum of four. I joined Riviera Sound in January 2017. I have a lifelong love of singing, stemming from singing in the church choir from the age of 8, and battling anxiety following a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and Crohns disease.

Did it help? YES!! Singing has been by far the best medicine!

One of the best things about RS is the friendship, getting the giggles until my eyes leak and the support. We are a diverse and eclectic bunch!

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I sing in the bari section and my fellow baris are awesome! We all enjoy different music styles and would probably list very different tracks as our favourites. For me, I love singing ‘And So It Goes’, ‘Best Day’, ‘In my room,’ and ‘Mad World’. 


My name is Pam and I am in the bari section. I very much enjoy singing harmony so the baritone section suits me best.   I find learning the harmony a good challenge and also making sure I am word perfect.  Being part of the overall sound that Riviera Sound achieves makes me very happy.  

My favourite songs are In My Room, And So it Goes and In My Life.

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Cathy (Treasurer)

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Isobel (Chair and Section Lead)

I have been singing with Riviera Sound for over 10 years and still get such a buzz from harmonising with my fellow singers. I also love performing with my local amateur theatre group - NADMCS. My third hobby is playing Lawn Green Bowls. Last year I had the honour of playing for Devon in the Johns Trophy.

I like all the songs we sing and don't really have a favourite although I find some easier than others. Singing the Bass line does mean sometimes we get to sing a Doo or Ah rather than the words, but I don't mind, as the overall sound is great! 

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I joined Riviera Sound in 2016. I have loved singing since I was very young. I really love singing harmony as a Bass. My favourite songes are And so It Goes and Can't Buy Me Love

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Susanne (Publicity)

I have always enjoyed singing, in spite of being expelled from the school choir for messing about. I joined Riviera Sound in 2011. Initially I was in the Lead section, but moved to Bass a few years ago. It suits my voice better, but I do find it a challenge to learn harmonies for songs that I have known for years. 

My favourite songs are probably And So It Goes (Billy Joel) where the Basses get to sing some of the melody and end on a really low note, and Jolene (Dolly Parton) even though we mostly sing Doos and Dahs in that one. 

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